For over 20 years the Orcas Swim Club has been developing the finest athletes as well as respected individuals through the sport of swimming. Our mission is to build a tradition of excellence tied to our community.  We pride ourselves in producing passionate, and exceptional swimmers through our proven coaching techniques and supportive parents. The core values of respect, caring, honesty and responsibility are the very heart of the Orcas mantra.



Current – Stroke Clinic and Starts, Turns, Finishes Clinic (3/20 – 4/28)

Upcoming – Spring / Summer Season

Our Spring Season runs indoors from 5/8 – 6/23

Our Summer Season runs outdoors from 6/26 – 7/28

You may find our Registration Information for Spring / Summer season below:

2023 Orcas Spring Summer Registration Packet

Spring / Summer Tryouts and Registration:

Friday April 28th

4:45 – 5:00PM 10&Under

5:15 – 5:30PM 11 & Over

Orcas Swim Club Levels


Pre-Orcas is our entry-level program designed for younger swimmers who have progressed through the Italian Center’s swimming instruction program and learned the four basic strokes. The emphasis for this level is on improving swimming ability and water skills already developed by the child. The Pre-Orcas program is ideal for swimmers who have a desire to eventually join our swim team or start their path to competitive swimming.

Pre-Orcas practice M/W/F for 45 minutes each day.

Requirements: Be able to swim 25 yards or one length of the swimming pool using Freestyle and Backstroke, to enter this program level.


Our Bronze swimmers are usually aged 9 or under and are the first level of competitive swimming with the Orcas Swim Club. This group will learn what it’s like being on a team and are given constant instruction on their stroke mechanics, starts, turns, and swimming efficiency. The instructions are presented in a relaxed yet exciting manner with an emphasis on the fun and rewards of being a part of a swim team and participating in competitive swimming. The overall objective of Orca’s Bronze level is to provide individual attention and a positive experience in swimming for younger swimmers.

Bronze Swimmers practice M/W/F for 1 hour each day.

Requirements: Be able to swim 25 yards (1 length of the pool) of four basic strokes and be able to perform a racing dive.


Silver swimmers have a firm grasp on the four basic competitive strokes and are given instruction on more advanced concepts and swimming techniques. We work on refining each stroke to make it as efficient as possible, and work with each swimmer to improve on any areas of weakness they may have. Silver is also typically when our swimmers begin to participate in swim meets.

Silver Swimmers practice M/W/F for 1 hour each day.


Our Light Blue level is for advanced Silver level swimmers who are ready to step things up a level before they commit to the blue team. Light Blue will practice with Bronze/Silver on MWF, and also be invited to practice with our Blue/Gold/Seniors on Thursdays. Thursday practices include Dryland practice to help further develop athletic ability.

Light Blue Swimmers practice M/W/F for 1 hour with our Bronze/Silver group, and 2 hours on Thursday with our Blue/Gold/Senior group.


Our Blue level is for swimmers who have demonstrated an enthusiasm toward swimming to our coaches. This program further builds upon the skills learned in previous Orca levels and introduces more distance swimming to build endurance.

We highly encourage all Blue level swimmers and higher to experience the challenge of competitive training and the excitement of participating in swim meets run by CT Swimming.

Our Blue Level practices on M/W/F for 1.5 hours, and on T/TH for 2 hours. This is a 5 day-a-week commitment for our swimmers.


Gold Swimmers begin to focus their training on longer distance events and individual medley swimming. Swimmers receive individual attention on advanced stroke mechanics and dryland workouts.  Competition philosophy, mental training, and nutritional awareness are important subjects stressed with this group.

Our Gold Level practices on M/W/F for 1.5 hours, on T/TH for 2 hours, and Sat for 2 hours. We will do dryland training on T/TH/Sat for ~30 minutes before practice.


This is the highest level of training for the Orcas Swim Club and requires dedication to the sport. The program is a serious regimen that includes stroke mechanics, endurance work, dryland strength and flexibility, conditioning, goal setting, and an emphasis on team dynamics and mental conditioning

Our Senior Level practices on M/W/F for 1.5 hours, on T/TH for 2 hours, and Sat for 2 hours. We will do dryland training on T/TH/Sat for ~30 minutes before practice.

News & Announcements

Important dates for the Spring / Summer season will be posted here.