Coach: Erik McKenna

Erik was born and raised in Stamford Connecticut with a background in competitive swimming since he was six years old. Erik competed at the national level placing 25th in the YMCA Nationals Championships, in the 100-meter backstroke with a time of 52.02. He competed successfully in Connecticut Age Group Championships and senior championships for multiple years. During the peak of his career, he placed third in the state in multiple events. He played Little League baseball and Babe Ruth baseball as a pitcher, Out-fielder and first basemen for the All-Star teams all the way up to his senior year in high school. Erik graduated Trinity Catholic High School and attended Springfield College in Massachusetts. Erik has used his knowledge and passion in swimming and overall wellness to become a swim coach and help young aspiring swimmers to improve their mentality and reach the best of their ability in the sport. Erik continues to swim competitively with the Westport Water-Rats and aims to have an Olympic Trials cut. Confident and enthusiastic about his future, Erik’s hobbies and interests include the fields of astronomy, rockets and orbital mechanics, astrophotography/photography, and drawing.

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