Coach: Jon Pramberger

Jon was born and raised in Stamford, CT, and grew up around the Italian Center. He learned to swim here and swam for the Orcas from the age of 11-16. Jon is keenly passionate about swimming, physical fitness, sports performance, strength training, rest and recovery, nutrition, and flexibility training. He is a certified USA Swimming Coach member, and holds his Personal Trainer certification through NASM.

Jon feels strongly that the only way to properly coach is to make sure his athletes and clients understand the science or theory behind the concepts being taught. Ensuring athletes and clients understand why they are doing specific workouts, and how it will benefit them, helps them learn and achieve desired outcomes more quickly.

When Jon isn’t coaching or working as a personal trainer, you can find him snowboarding, longboarding, working out, playing Ultimate Frisbee, working on his car, or gaming.

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