ORCA Parent Association

The Orca’s Parents Association is a vital support organization for the Orcas Swim Team. It provides administrative, financial and general support for the Orcas Swim Club. Through the volunteer support of the Orca parents, the numerous jobs required to run the team are accomplished smoothly and swimming becomes a rewarding and fun experience for the entire family.

All parents are required to take an active role in the Swim Team.

All parents are members of the Orca’s Parents Association and each family is required to pay the $35.00 per family annual dues at registration.

The Parents Association is represented by a 5 – 7 person Executive Committee that meets regularly with the Head Coach. Executive Committee members work closely with the coaching staff and the Italian Center to help define policies, procedures, and special programs which result in a smooth running team. The Orca’s Parents Committee also runs subcommittees. We ask that all parents volunteer for a committee.

The money raised by the Parents committee is used to purchase equipment for the team, subsidize social events for the swimmers, pay for coach and swimmer expenses at USA and Championship Meets, and provide gifts for the team at the annual banquet.

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