Practice Cancellation & Communications Policy

If schools are cancelled then Orca’s practice is cancelled.
If schools are released early due to bad weather, then Orca’s practice is cancelled

Often a mass email will be sent out by the Orca’s reiterating any such cancellations and a notice will be posted on the Orca’s team website.

If schools are not cancelled nor released early, and a cancellation email is NOT sent, then Orca’s practice is ON.

PLEASE do NOT phone the Coaches except in real emergencies.
Most of the Orca’s coaches are teachers who work elsewhere during the daytime and cannot take phone calls.

If your swimmer must miss his/her scheduled practice then a prior email or text to your Orca’s Coach is appreciated.
This particularly applies when your swimmer must miss a swim meet in which he/she has been entered.

Alternatively, you may be able to speak to one of the Orca coaches at the pool immediately before practice but no earlier than 3:30pm.

If you need any information please check the Team Bulletin Board and/or Website before emailing or texting the Orca Coaches.

Meet entry lists (paper) and other notices are posted on the Pool Bulletin Board and on the Orca’s Website and should be checked frequently as all are subject to change.

A mass Reminder email with helpful information is usually sent out a day or two before most swim meets.

Please do not phone the Italian Center as no further information on practices nor swim meets will be available.

Orca’s Website —
Please don’t forget to Login to be able to see all the team specific pages.
If you have lost your Login details please email Ausra McKenna:

Note: this policy applies to adverse Weather and other Emergencies but does not mean that there is no practice during  a scheduled school vacation.

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