Orca Swim Practice

A schedule of swim practices is distributed at the beginning of the winter, spring, and summer season. Swimmers must be on the pool deck ready to go five minutes before their scheduled practice time. This allows the swimmers time to get pool equipment, ask any questions they may have, perform some stretching, and find their assigned lanes before the warm-up.

The warm-up swim is necessary to prepare their muscles for the practice session. If not adequately prepared, the swimmers may sustain muscle injuries and be unable to increase their speed as properly. Please be prompt! And no swimmers should be in the water before the practice starts!

The practice schedule has been developed to maximize the performance of each swimmer. The number of practice days is geared to the level of the group and swimmers are asked to commit to attending their scheduled sessions. Any reasons for missed practices should be discussed with the coach, preferably in advance.

Parents may drop off their swimmers at practice time and then pick them up at the conclusion of the practice session.

Apparel: Swimsuits worn at practice are the choice of the swimmer; official team suits (and team caps) are required only for swim meets. Female swimmers must wear caps at all time while in the water. Many swimmers find goggles helpful during both practice and meets. Don’t forget to carry back up goggles and a cap. Please, swimmers should wear no jewelry while they are in the pool.

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